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Are you looking for old wrought iron gates and vintage wooden doors?  The doors are mainly Teak, which is a very hard wood and can therefore be put outside. The doors and windows are all from old buildings, most of them destroyed in the 2015 earthquake that destroyed Nepal, most of these buildings are now being demolished and rebuilt. The doors and windows are all old, many being over 100 years old. They are solid and still useable. They are NOT new ones being made to look old. they are genuinely old.

The wooden gates are Solid Teak and would look amazing in our beautiful kiwi gardens.

We buy the iron gates by weight, not design, therefore a very heavy, but plain gate, can cost more than an intricate filigree one. They mainly all come with their original hinges and latches.



Vintage Garden Gate - JN05a

Vintage Garden Teak Gate, Measures 1.42m wide x 1.83m high ...

Price (inc GST): $1,999.00

Vintage Wrought Iron Gates - C.Hut29B

Vintage Wrought Iron Gates - C.Hut29B

Price (inc GST): $998.00
Regular Price: $1,299.00

Vintage Teak Column #AJ-49 Each

Price (inc GST): $1,199.00

Vintage Window AJ 72

Lovely vintage window from India, measures 1.97m high x ...

Price (inc GST): $799.00

Bali Door XXL - Teak **SOLD**

Bali Door XXL - Teak

Price (inc GST): $1,500.00
Regular Price: $2,999.00

Indian Teak Door JN31

Indian Teak Door JN31

Price (inc GST): $2,999.00
Regular Price: $3,799.00

Indian Window/Balcony Door A.Decor 28

Beautiful Vintage Teak Window/Door 1.66h

Price (inc GST): $2,299.00

Teak Gazebo Bench Seat **1 LEFT**

Teak Gazebo Bench Seat **SOLD**

Price (inc GST): $3,599.00

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